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                                                           Last updated: 28 January 2009

We give music a bad name (John Peel 1939 - 2004)

This website is dedicated to the band scene focussed on North London.

Its job is to give you reviews of the gigs in the venues that gave birth to the old grunter we call indie music.  Venues that brought Muse, The Young Knives, Razorlight, PJ Harvey, the Stranglers, the Senseless Things and countless others to the attention of Londoners and "the music industry".  The Hope and Anchor, the Bull and Gate, the Dublin Castle, 93 Feet East and the best of the rest. Looking for a night out? See Live is life.

Want to find out about a specific band? See AtoZ of reviews - click on the links or the buttons on the left. The archive list of unposted reviews has been updated and relocated to the AtoZ of Reviews index page.

What you could have seen here first: so far Art Brut, Magic Numbers, Milk Kan, Priscillas, Razorlight, Subways, Victorian English Gentlemens Club, Vulnerable Things, Young Knives - but first and foremost Montana Pete.

On the final Thursday of each month, we've been holding a clubnight called traumattack, featuring 4 live acts (usually!)They've been focussed on a different style or theme each month. For 2009, we're planning a handful of more select events, but we'll still be kicking off at our regular venue, the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town (close to Kentish Town tube station, one stop from Camden Town and a few doors from The Forum).

The first event of 2009 features hardcore, heavy psychedelia, post-rock and post-metal from Real FealOne Unique SignalCove and Perceval_Gage - plus more to be announced. Date is SATURDAY 21st Feb, doors open at 8pm, price £6, or £5 with a flyer.

Flyer designed to print on A6 portrait, but any size will be accepted if more-or-less legible.

Join the mailing list for cheap entry to all traumattack events - just send a message to mailinglist@oppositiont.co.uk

Thanks to all who supported our night of impure blues on Thurs 27th Nov, and to the B+G team of Chesca, Brian, Luka and McDeath. Much appreciation to all our acts, especially The_Cedars, who were a pure joy, along with Stevie_K_Band and Kid_at_the_Back. Sadly, Vile Bodies' transport broke down leaving them stranded and unable to make the show, hopefully we'll see them in 2009.

It was a great pleasure to have four diverse acts in the house on 30th October, many many thanks to Local Girls, Venus Bogardus, Heilige Lance and scarily dedicated Newcastle lads The Kush. Thanks also to our supporting cast who keep the nights running, namely Aaron, McDeath, Chesca and Phil. Check out news of Venus Bogardus' US release and tour via the link, they are surely destined for mightier things than our humble B+G nights.

September 25th was just awesome, I defy anyone to say otherwise. Big thanks to the magnificent line-up of Xmas Lights, World Before Wireless, Astrohenge and Orwell Music - and the supporting cast of Andy, McDeath, Ryan and Brian. That was so good, we've arranged another night with Astrohenge and traumattack veterans Black Black on Saturday 21 February 2009.

Thursday 28th August was great fun, congratulations to all concerned, particularly our fine audience, B+G hosts McDeath, Andy, Ryan and Brian, and a wonderfully warped set of acts - Pocus Whiteface, Giant Paw, Gin Panic and Uncle Pedro.

To get a mailing roughly once a month and regular cheaper entry please join the mailing list - email mailinglist@oppositiont.co.uk 
(All other email to oppositiont@aol.com please).

You can see photos from some of our gigs by Mark Hindmarch at flickr.

Always lots of other gigs on my radar, see Live is life.

Although I firmly believe that this organisation was set-up to make money from rural Americans who wanted the opportunity to shag something other than chickens, you can find us there: My_Space.

Going to a gig?  Someone you've never heard of playing?  Check here for a review...  If they played in a North London pub from mid-2003 onwards, there's a good chance they will be here.  These reviews are not intended to tell you how to think.  They are bite-sized pieces designed to give you a bit of a clue what kind of sound you will hear, with an excuse for me to get clever at the end.

We've just received a surprising one of a South London gig featuring Jack Savoretti, check that out under S at R to Z

All the live reviews are in the pages at AtoZ of Reviews, except for a whole month's worth (June 2005) posted together at Quickstep like a blog. Demo, independent album and MySpace reviews are at DemoCrazy.

Below is a sample of some recent-ish posts on the site.

At A to H 

Abraxus at Bull and Gate
All Dark Mornings at Bull and Gate
Boog at State of Decay/ Hope and Anchor
Brenda at Bull and Gate
Ceiling at the Bull and Gate
Chow Chow at Pure Groove records night/ Archway Tavern
Liam Cottrell at Big Note/ Hope and Anchor
datapuddle at Bull and Gate
Deadbeat Descendant at  
Dead Spies at Purple Turtle
England and the April at Peafish/ The Orange
Future of the Left aka Red Deadhead at Guided Missile/ Buffalo Bar
GPD at Peafish/ The Orange
Gingerbread Men at State of Decay/ Hope and Anchor
Gresham Flyers at Bull and Gate
Havana Girls at Goonite Club/ Buffalo Bar
Horsebox at Antifolk Festival, Buffalo Bar

At I to Q 

Denis Jones at Bull and Gate
Khe Sanh Approach at Sump Puppy/ Montague Arms
Koolaid Electric Co at Goonite Club/ Buffalo Bar
Mica at Goonite Club/ Buffalo Bar
Morning After Girls at Goonite Club/ Buffalo Bar
Munch Munch at World Domination/ Nambucca
Nothing Gained at Bull and Gate
Old Boy Reunion at State of Decay/ Hope and Anchor
Pocus Whiteface at Bull and Gate

At R to Z 

Retrobiff at Bull and Gate
Rosemary at B*Sides @ The Enterprise
Rum Circus at Bull and Gate
Screaming Tea Party at Bull and Gate
Sister at Bull and Gate
The Starlets at Betsey Trotwood
States in Flames at Bull and Gate
Stay Puff at Hope and Anchor
Strange Idols at Goonite Club/ Buffalo Bar
Swimsuit Issue at Goonite Club/ Buffalo Bar
Trad Arr at Peafish/ Lark in the Park
Vile Bodies at Bull and Gate
Wry at Goonite Club/ Buffalo Bar
We Are The Physics at Guided Missile/ Buffalo Bar

At Past Events - Peafish 2006 Festival at Lark in the Park in August, plus Frank Sidebottom's World Cup Extravaganza at Bull and Gate, Thu 15 June 2006

Also see more square-eyed slack-jawed excitement from better-known acts old and new, including David Devant, Franz Ferdinand, TV Smith, Ian Hunter, Fiery Furnaces and Joy Zipper - find them in the sub-folders of "
AtoZ of Reviews".

The plan for the future (and hence the name) is to get you lovely lovely people to part with money for evil slogans on T-shirts...

We now have a catalogue of over 2,500 reviews. Over 400 are up, and it grows weekly.  There is list at "AtoZ of Reviews" of the live reviews we've gathered, showing if they're posted. 

Or you can browse some of the things that interest us at "Past Events"  . Upcoming dates for the bands who impressed are at "Live is life" (if we know about them). Contact us at: oppositionT@aol.com.

Waiting for a review? Feel free to send a reminder!

2006 and 2007 demo reviews at DemoCrazy, including reviews of a whole host of Oct/ Nov 2006 MySpam pages plus Drookit Dogs, Sidecar Kisses, Steve Bland, Heat from a Dead Star, Jacksons Warehouse, The Mourning After, The Parade, The Bleeding Hearts (Their Hearts Were Full of Spring), Revere and Action Plan

* reviews of albums and eps by Montana Pete, Hey Colossus, Econoline and Thumpermonkey Lives! at: DemoCrazy 

* raiding the divine archive (copyright Bill Nelson, sorry mate) - reviews of Futureheads, Lapsus Linguae, Mystery Jets, Rothko and yourcodenameis:milo from years ago - AtoZ of Reviews

Quickstep June 2005 - more reviews, but cut down to the opening and conclusion - check out Quickstep - whole month now posted

* intriguing events - VF Loud All Dayer 13 November 05 at Bull and Gate; Tim Poland and The Truth is Boring  10 October 05 at Bull and Gate; Stolen Nights at Spitz 25 September 05, Akira/ Smalltown America 10 August 05 at Catch 22; Tsunami Appeal Benefit 2005 (Montague Arms); UK Antifolk 3 2005 and Remembering John 2004 at Past Events

* a question and answer session with Scotpoppers ***Bob Cuba*** at Speakeasy

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